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Africa is a continent experiencing unprecedented spiritual growth. Today there are 350 million professing Christians in Africa, which is more than the entire population of the United States. By the year 2025 this number will grow to 800 million. Africa will need leaders to teach, guide, and shepherd the many new people who will come to faith there in the coming years.

Westminster Theological Seminary in Uganda January 2008

Westminster Theological College and Seminary of Uganda (WTCSU) was set up in 1996 and 2007 to be a spiritual training center for leaders who will in turn train the next generation of Christians in Africa. Students come to WTCSU from many different tribes in Uganda to study the Bible. In addition, a growing number of refugees are coming to Uganda from neighboring countries of Sudan, Congo and Rwanda to study, so they can return to their countries and put their training to use.

However coming from countries where poverty is a widespread reality, many find it impossible to pay the necessary tuition fee (currently about $1000 a year). The Democratic Republic of Congo was left devastated by an eight year war that supposedly ended in 2003, yet the fighting continues today in Eastern Congo. Nearly 2 million people are internally displaced, with more than 450,000 Congolese refugees in neighboring countries. In Sudan, millions were displaced because of the 21 year war between North and South Sudan in a country that continues to be unstable today. Rwanda, the most densely populated country in the world, lost 800,000 people in a ten day mass murder in 1994 that still haunts many today.

The need for training Godly leaders in these countries is paramount.

We have created this album of modern hymn arrangements for this cause. The entire album is available as a free download for anyone to enjoy. All proceeds from your tax deductible gift to Songs for Uganda will be used to set up a scholarship fund specifically for refugees and other students who wish to study at WTCSU. Our goal is to raise $10,000.

Please help us achieve this goal by telling others about this website!

Thank you for being a part of spreading Godís Word throughout Africa. Pray with us for God to advance His Kingdom not only in Uganda but in Congo, Sudan, Rwanda, and the rest of Africa.

video testimonies

Sam Kasule (0.37-1:32) is Pastor of New Life Presbyterian Church in Fort Portal Uganda. Westminster Theological College and Seminary in Uganda has provided him with the opportunity to receive further biblical training without having to leave his country, leave his church pastorless or leave his 18 children.

Smith Tibamweneda (1:35-2:27) comes to the seminary from the poorest community in Uganda, Bundibugyo, a district that shares a boarder with the war torn Congo.

Henry Benjamin Kimera(3:19-4:10) is Pastor at Community Worship Presbyterian Church Jinja. Jinja is a city located on the banks of Lake Victoria near the base of the Nile. Pastor Henry has a passion for missions and equipping men and women in his church to bring the gospel to all corners of Uganda.

John Bosco Heberrarime (4:11-4:32) is a college student at Westminter Theological Seminary and Bible College. He comes from Rwanda, where there are no Bible colleges, in hopes of returning to Rwanda and starting a Bible College in his own country.

Theophiles Rebero (4:33-5:31) comes from Rwanda, where in 1994 a genocide of an estimated 800,000 deaths occurred. His vision is to take what he learns through his studies at Westminster Seminary in Uganda and see a transformation occur in his country.

Dave Eby (5:32-6:49) is former Pastor of North City Presbyterian Church in San Diego. Currently he is an MTW missionary and Dean of Graduate Studies at Westminster Theological College and Seminary in Uganda.